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Your Journey To A 700+ Credit Score Begins Here. A 700+ credit score is the ultimate goal for you.

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Free tips and tools to manage your credit and reduce debt

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State and Federal resources for those facing financial hardship

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Credit Monitoring With IDIQ. Just $1 For 7 Days Trial Then $21.99/Mo After That

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Credit Monitoring With IDIQ

The first step in our journey is to sign up with IdentityIQ. This will allow us to view your report and formulate a Custom Tailored Credit Restoration Plan to tackle whatever we find.

  • Credit Reporting & Score Alerts
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Application Monitoring
  • Identity Theft Insurance
  • Identity Restoration
  • Enhanced Credit Monitoring
  • PII & Data Breah Monitoring
  • Family Protection

$1 For 7 Days Trial Then $21.99/mo After That

The Coach's Circle

A Complete Overview, Strategy, & Game Plan with Financial Strategist Darvin Moore, AKA “Coach Darvin

  • 10-15 Minute Monthly Profile Management Call
  • Coach Darvin’s Cheat Sheet
  • Major Bank & Lender Preparation
  • We found this to be the most successful process for those that want an accountability partner to achieve real success.

$3200/Yr $2000 Down Payment + $100/Mo

Investor Program

30-40 Minute Initial Strategy Call

  • Budget Overview
  • Banking Partner Road-map
  • 15 Minute Monthly Call
  • Credit Profile Enhancement Strategy
  • Execution of Lines of Credit
  • 1 Year Membership

$2999/Yr +10% Back-end of Funding Acquired. Payment Plans Available

Products & Services

Whether you need to repair or build your credit, or even if you need funding, we can help you! Take a look at just a few of the products and services that we offer!

Credit Coaching

Join the Coach’s Circle today or get 1on1 Consulting from our leading Business Coach

Credit Monitoring With IDIQ

Knowing your credit score and what’s reporting is very important in today’s world. Your interest rates are based on your credit scores

Dispute & Removal Letters

Get the template that removes all the negatives from the credit report

“We Do It All” Program

This is a pay as you go program. It’s $100 per item. $500 application and set up fee. This goes towards the first 5 items that gets removed.

School of Credit

Learn the rules of the game and how to make money helping others.

Cheat Sheet

We Create the dispute letters for you and send them to your email. All you do is print them out and put them in the mailbox every 30 days until everything is removed.

Your Journey To A 700+ Credit Score Begins Here

A 700+ credit score is the ultimate goal for everyone that we work with. We have taken many people through our process and helped them achieve a 700 and above credit score.


We have helped many people just like you. Listen to their stories and decide for yourself if our Credit Restoration System is right for you.

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