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The Biz Box

The Business Box Kit V2022

  • Discounted Price of $499
  • Business Startup: The foundational steps on starting your business.
  • Building Company Profile: How to dispute negatives off business credit profile.
  • Purchase Company Assets: How to purchase company assets with your company profile
  • Comprehensive Vendor list: with direct links. Over 100 companies to build your corporate profile.
  • Duns # and Paydex score to 80: Strategic steps on getting your Free Duns# and Paydex score to 80 plus

Business Blocks

Business Blocks Builder Program

  • $250 per call. No Obligations
  • 15-20 min monthly strategy call with next steps to build your business credit profile
  • 1-on-1 Coaching

The Cheat Sheet

  • $300 Per 0-10 Items, $400 Per 11-20, $500 Per 21-30 Items etc and a One Time Fee: $200
  • We Create the dispute letters for you and send them to your email. All you do is print them out and put them in the mailbox every 30 days until everything is removed.
  • NOTE: In The Payment Note Section Please Only Put The Words "CHEAT SHEET"

The Coach’s Circle

  • $5999 Yearly Membership fee.
  • Payment plans available. The fee covers a complete overview, strategy and game plan with Coach Darvin.
  • You get a 10-15 min monthly Profile Management call from the coach to stay on track. We found this to be the most successful process for those that want an accountability partner to achieve real success.
  • This membership also prepares you for funding for most major banks and lenders.
  • This is a 12 month program that helps you build a complete personal and business profile so that you can access the capital you need in the future to grow your business or idea.

Book A Free Appointment: 414-348-5144

Book A Free Appointment: 414-348-5144